Packing is the operative for the encounter today in every facet of its meaning. Austin was preping his luggage for his flight home when Sean entered, encountered the “plumber’s crack” in Austin’s shorts and gave them a quick tug down, hoping for a peek and what looked like quite a tight round ass. Hard to find undies to accommodate his big cock without cutting off circulation, Austin was going commando and when he turned around, his nine inch cock was standing at attention and ready for inspection. Sean first opened his mouth wide, grabbed the girthy dick and dropped to his knees, started with a flick on tongue on the flaring head of Austin’s cock; he worked his way down the long dong, following the veins like a road map. Looking down at Sean, Austin grimaced like the King of the Jungle, seeing how his cock extended beyond the perimeter Sean’s head. Sean ripped out his own throbber and began to fist it furiously as he attempted to swallow Austin’s cock down to the hilt. Pulling Sean to his feet, Austin for Sean naked and as he laid his cock over Sean’s just to prove who is top dog, he slipped Sean a kiss then had another idea where tongue needed to go next.



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As Ricky lends a hand to help Mark as he struggles to lift himself up from the weight bench, Ricky’s big paw almost extends over the sides of Mark’s little waist. As Ricky looks down at Mark, his thought bubble says “lunch” and he decides it time for Mark to eat. He takes Mark by the head and grinds it all over his package. Removing his shorts, hauling his bone, he grabs Mark by the hair and uses his mouth, ordering him to open wider & go deeper until he finally holds his skull and thrusts that big cock into his face, pulling out only to slap the big dick across his cheeks, force feeding more dick then he ever thought he could handle. After dragging him over to the chair, Mark’s mouth strains to engulf the still hungry pole. Ricky yanks down Mark’s pants, spreads his cheeks goes deep sea diving with his tongue in Mark’s tight, pink hole, eating away like a man possessed. While he slurps on that hole, Ricky’s cock throbs hand free in anticipation…and that cock will not be visible for long.

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Mario doesn’t have to reach very far south to give that big ole cock a fondle under any circumstances, but sitting there and seeing Hunter’s purty ‘lil ass cheeks outlined in his tight fitting boxer briefs, the circumstances became very clear, and so did both of their bulges. When Hunter turned around, Mario tugged down the underwear, unbuttoned the shirt and quickly swallowed Hunter’s dick while Hunter stripped out of the rest of his clothes before guiding Mario’s head up and down on a bone that was growing by the lick. Mario licked his way up and down every square inch of Hunter’s girthy, cock meat until Hunter pulled him up, stuck his tongue in Mario’s throat and hauled out Mario’s fuck stick. With a gasp as he laid his eyes and hands on Mario’s giant meat, and with a thud, he landed on his knees and began to feast on big Cuban missile, stopping only when Mario pulled his head away for some remedial tonsil hockey now and then. Mario enjoyed the view as Hunter’s schlong throbbed as he fed him more cock before he bent over initiated a 69 until his throbbing bone, and Hunter’s puckering hole, told them both it was time to initiate something else.

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